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FrootFuze™ Infused Water Bottle

Many individuals do not monitor their levels of hydration and are not aware of the various symptoms of dehydration. In fact, most of the American population do not consume enough water daily. One solution is to incorporate a healthy habit of hydration with the essential sources for your daily intake by drinking infused water with the FrootFuze™. Infused water helps those who do not like drinking “plain” water or love consuming sugary sodas. Instead, you can break that habit by drinking tasty, flavorful water. The FrootFuze uses a clever 2-in-1 system by integrating a fruit juicer with a bottled water. This is convenient for those on-the-go or away from the kitchen.


Weight Loss
Helps with weight management and appetite control by speeding up the body’s metabolic rate and reducing hunger cravings.
Healthy Skin Production
Improves the beauty of appearance by reducing acne and dry skin.
Save Money
Many juice products can be expensive compared to fresh fruits after comparing ratios. 
Easy Method for More Nutrients
Build a healthy habit by increasing your daily intake of water and vitamins.
Reduce Symptoms
Infused water can prevent the chances of dry skin, mood swings, fatigue, headaches, concentration difficulties, bad breath, muscle cramps, and cases of flu.
Improve Physical Activities
Various fruits contain electrolytes that help maintain water molecules in cells.

    Stainless Steel Cover

    Sealed Leak-Proof with Strap

    Bottle Body 

    Food Grade PP Material with a Capacity of 2.75 Cups (0.65L)


     Food Grade PP Material. Squeeze Fruit Directly in the Bottle Body.

    Fruit Container

    Prevents Small, Solid Fruits from Entering the Bottle Body. Useful for Berrier and Leaves. 


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