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PeskyEliminator™ Electronic Mosquito Trap

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Got a mosquito problem while you are sleeping?

The PeskyEliminator™ Electronic Mosquito Trap will resolve that issue without chemicals/insecticides.

The trick is to attract the mosquitos with a purple LED light and a quiet fan to trap them down in the mesh tray and prevent from escaping while eliminating them!

NOTE: Use the PeskyEliminator™ Electronic Mosquito Trap is ideal for dark indoor areas. Avoid placing in direct sunlight.


  • UV Attractant Light: The Mosquito Trap uses 360nm - 400nm wavelength LED light to lure mosquitos, including other insects
  • Silent Fan: The silent intake fan will pull mosquitos near the UV light and prevent them from escaping. Suited for those sleepers sensitive to sound. 
  • Easy to Clean: Uses a reusable mesh tray to dispose of mosquitos and other insects
  • USB Power Source: Plug and power from any USB outlet, such as power banks, chargers, and laptops.
  • Eco-Friendly: Does not use chemicals, low power consumption, and made of ABS material.



  • Size:  7.5" x 5.1" 



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