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The Game Changer

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The Game Changer Backpack is a hands-free and stress-free way to carry your ball with our retractable ball net. It's the most comfortable and secure way to travel with your Ball and belongings.

The perfect backpack for athletes and students, giving you the ability to charge your phone and carry your ball, shoes, laptop, books and more!


How it works

frequently asked questions

Would Basketball Shoes Fit in it?

Yes, you can fit up to a size 13 Men's US Shoe.

Would a 29.5 Basketball Fit in the Mesh Compartment?

Yes, it is very flexible and durable.

Is it Big Enough for a 7th Grader?

Yes, it can fit a 17"laptop along with books and shoes at the same time.

Does the Bag Come with the Mesh Net for the Ball?

Yes, it is a retractable ball net that can be stored away in a zipper pocket.

Will The Bag fit a 17.3" Laptop Comfortably?


How Does the Built-in Charger Work?

Use the powercable provided to plug into an external powerbank(not provided)

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Items are processed within 1-3 days and shipped within 4-7 days